Johntwinblade2.jpg"Prior to the Great Cataclysm, humanity as a whole knew very little about the supernatural. To be sure, there were always a small number of men and women who were privy to certain aspects of the unseen realm, but their knowledge was limited, and even fewer still who had been made aware of the reality of creatures which are more at home in nightmares and in the overactive imaginations of novelists and screenwriters.

Times have changed.

The supernatural is now commonplace, and various and sundry insidious beings of evil can be found nearly as frequently as coffee-houses in the old world. The coming of the Rifts has seen to that. These demons and monsters pour out of the accursed dimensional portals in droves, threatening good, peace-loving beings the world over. Nightmare creatures have moved out into the light of the waking world, and the forces of wickedness which at one time were only ever encountered in popular media, as forms of entertainment, have become infinitely less amusing as they have taken up residence in reality, and in many cases, in our own back yards.

And so, while the CS wages war with innocent D-bees and practitioners of magic, it falls to some to address the real problems facing our world; to find the courage to take up arms and defend those who cannot defend themselves from those nefarious entities which even now plot and scheme the destruction of our fragile society.

I am calling you out, adventurer. Be one of the good guys. Take up the cause to destroy spiritual wickedness and evil, supernatural beings wherever they may be found.

After all, folks pay well to be rid of these sorts of things."

Thaddeus P. Kirsch
Excerpt from a video-disc given to you by a strange man

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